Blogs I read when I think of it

For the most part, the blogs I read are by people I know. In any case, in lieu of a traditional blog roll, I’ve decided you might just want to know something about why I read the blogs I do. I haven’t bothered with the food websites like the Atlantic food channel or Food News Journal and all that. Of course I read them and it should be quite obvious why. These are the personal-style blogs I check out when I remember to. Here they are, in no particular order and I’m quite sure I’ve forgotten at least some:

27b/6 ain’t about food or really anything in particular. It’s just f’in’ hilarious.

Rachel Eats is a blog I read because one time Rachel commented on my blog and so I read her blog and now we comment and even have emailed on occasion and I know that the next time I head to Rome I will email her and we will meet in person. I hope that goes well because if it doesn’t how terribly awkward that will be. I mean, we’d probably meet over a meal and those Italian meals go on forever…..

5 Second Rule is written by the ever-plucky Cheryl Sternman Rule. She takes crazy stark, strikingly beautiful photos and someday the road trip we’ve joked about taking will actually happen. I will drive fast and she will bring healthy but very tasty snacks. That’s our deal.

Hogwash by Jess Thompson is always homey and lovely and warms me from the inside out. Jess and I once took a walk around a golf course together just to get some fresh air during a conference, and I love anyone who is willing to do that.

Chews Wise is written by Sam Fromartz. Sam is smart and funny and nice as nice can be. We met at the IACP in Chicago, where he gave the keynote speech in which he mentioned having gone to Reed College. I mustered all my social and networking skills and went up to him and introduced myself as class of ’92. We’ve since picked salmonberries in Alaska together and I’ve cooked pizza on his direct order. He must have a really hideous portrait of himself hidden somewhere Dorian Gray-style because when people hear we went to the same college they say “oh, you went to college together!” even though he is a decade-plus older than I. Someday before too long I predict that people will say “oh, she was your professor in college?” as Sam pulls a Benjamin Button and I move to a blue rinse.

Confessions of a Mean Mommy makes me feel really good about a wide variety of parenting moves I’ve made.

The Ethicurean by Bonnie Powell keeps me knowing what’s up with food politics. Bonnie manages the meat CSA for which I am a pick-up site and introduced me to the Demon Lover at Grayson 900 for which I will never forgive nor be able to thank her for.

Lettuce Eat Kale is one of those very rare blogs that contains actual reporting. It’s almost disturbing at first as you realize you’re not just reading opinions and rants but researched, reasoned stories. It’s written by a former student who is now a friend. Sarah Henry took one of my food writing classes and I spent the whole time telling her she didn’t need to take it and should just go pitch her excellent story ideas out in the real world and stop wasting them on me. If you ever need someone to entertain you as you drive a rental car through the wilds of West Virginia, I can highly recommend Sarah as a companion.

Food In Jars is all about food in jars, usually preserved but sometimes just styled in jars. I met Marissa on a press trip (lemons!) and discovered her blog from her business card. It is useful and charming and clever and all good things. Marissa teaches jam and other preserving classes, check out her blog and keep tabs on if she is coming to teach near you – she has good mojo.

My friend Samantha used to write Up Mama’s Wall but now she has a gig at Babycenter, so I have to check out her hilarious rants about raising children and the annoyance that other people can be over there.

The Off Brand is my husband’s very rarely updated blog. I put it here so I might remember to check it every once in awhile just in case he updates it. I dare to dream. If you want a sense of the funny I’m treated to and the crazy I put up with on a daily basis, the blog gives you a teeny tiny taste of it.

Politics of the Plate is the great Barry Estabrook’s blog. Read it.

Wednesday Chef by Luisa Weiss is yet another blog I only started really following after I met the author in person. She is a lovely writer and her honest, practical take on food and cooking brings me right down to earth whenever I read it.

SFgirlbybay is sassily put together by the great Victoria Smith. We craft together and she kindly lets me post my little ideas about food on her great design blog every Friday.

101 Cookbooks. Everyone reads it so why shouldn’t I? I like looking at the pretty pictures. Heidi is also a friend and sometimes peer pressures me into drinking overly strong coffee after lunch.

Orangette. I started reading this beyond-famous blog because a friend in Seattle told me “there is another Molly W. who is a food writer and went to grad school and has lived in France – you should read her blog.” I have since met the other Molly W. and discussed Pierre Bourdieu with her while eating really remarkably bad Italian food. She is a delight and I read her blog much more regularly since meeting her.

So, in the end, I am a creature of this world. Drawn to those I know, but always ready to expand that circle when I can.