About The Dinner Files

I’m a food writer, a food lover, a food fighter.

My name is Molly Watson. I cook, I eat, I write. Lucky for me I’ve figured out how to turn that triumvirate into a living. I started The Dinner Files when I left my job as a food writer at Sunset magazine – I needed to get that sunny, perky, knowledgeable neighbor voice out of my head and I thought people might like to see what a real-life food writer actually ate everyday. After a year of chronicling my dinner every single night, I downshifted and now I only post about dishes and meals about which I have something to say. Plus, I decided the world didn’t need to know just how often we eat pasta with greens at my house.

A few glances at these pages and you’ll see my cooking style – easy, fresh, and decidedly unprocessed. Sometimes I get a bit nuts and make my own gnocchi or pâté, but for the most part I whip up veggie-laden pastas or simple soups. You may also like to cook these things… or not. I post things I think others may like to cook or that hit on something I’ve been thinking about. I can honestly say I don’t care if you cook any of these recipes, but if I’m being honest I must also say that I hope you’ll cook. Not heat up, not pick up, not take out, not microwave. I hope you’ll cook. Maybe you hate cooking – you’ve given it the old college try and decided it is not for you. Fair enough. I can respect that. But if you’re scared to cook or too busy to cook or hate cleaning up after wards… well, I can respect that, too, but deep down I still hope you’ll cook. It’s healthier than most alternatives, it makes the house smell good, it makes the people you feed feel loved. Plus, I’m so content when I cook – so peaceful, so focused – I can’t help but wish that for you, too.

You can find more of my recipes at Local Foods and in the archives of Sunset magazine. You can read clips at Molly Watson Writes.

Molly trivia: I swim and ski and quilt and chat with the best of them. I know a frightening amount about French brothels, syphilis, and 19th- and early 20th-century medical practices. I find Project Runway truly inspiring (see what you can get done in a day!). I am a dead-ringer for my Norwegian grandfather’s cousin. I grew up a small, dark-haired person in the land of blond giants and now happily live in a house of other small, dark-haired people. I once won a six-pound box of endives in a food trivia contest.

That gray streak you see? I’ve had it since I was 18. It started as three strands against the surrounding world of dark brown. They’ve really rallied and made a name for themselves, and now they’re sending out colonies. For a few years in my 20s I tried to cover them up, but it involved entirely too much time sitting around a hair salon.

I live in San Francisco (for all the locals: I’m right by the UPS center) with my dashing husband (who tries to eat vegetarian a lot of the time and I try and respect that a lot of the time) and our son (who will eat most anything as long as it’s not a banana or a mushroom; I agree with him about the bananas, but think he may be certifiably insane for not liking mushrooms).