Buttermilk scones

To start the new year right, I had made a batch of homemade doughnuts for my son and then a pile of bialys for my dashing husband. A few days passed and I thought “what about me and my special breakfast treat”? I thought about making English muffins or just some delicious walnut bread to toast, and then a craving for scones hit me like a ton of bricks.

Scones, like Rice Krispies treats, are sublime when fresh and homemade but they quickly become nothing special when made in bulk and sold out of café counters. I made a batch of these buttermilk scones last week, ate three in quick succession while they were still warm, and sent the rest out of the house with my dashing husband to share with his colleagues. One of them reported back that when he first walked in and offered everyone scones she wasn’t all that excited. “I mean scones are usually,” and she paused, looking for the right description, “sort of heavy and not really that good, you know?”

I do know. Once in awhile I trick myself into believing that a bought scone will be flaky and moist and delicious and not a doorstop. Then I learn my lesson as I try to gnaw my way through a sweetened hockey puck and don’t order a scone again for a year or two until, memory faded, I try again.

These scones, though, these scones are worth eating. The buttermilk gives them just a bit of tang and helps keep them moist without making them heavy. And the flakiness! Look! You can see the layers of flaky goodness! Feel free to stir in currants or bits of chocolate or orange zest or whatever will flavor the scone to your satisfaction. I like mine terribly plain, all the better to slather with marmalade if I happen to have some around the house.