Hawaii memories, part 4

We took a little trip during our vacation last June. I mean, sometimes you need a break from all the sun and white sand and clear water. Sometimes you need a little fog and drizzle. Sometimes you need to go to a volcano.

We did not see the lava flow – it wasn’t flowing anywhere where people can see it while we were there – but we did walk through a crater that had a volcano erupt in it in the 50s and is now a creepy black moonscape surrounded by forest, so we had that going for us.

Since the volcano and Volcanoes National Park are on the full opposite side of the large island from us, we stayed overnight up in Volcano, Hawaii. And we did as we were told by many many people and ate at the Thai restaurant there. We were, in fact, ordered by two separate people to be sure to eat there. It is no exaggeration to say that people had raved about the place. Raved.

In fairness, the Thai food was perfectly tasty. We were all quite happy with our dinners. What we were not was blown away. What we would not do is rave about it. If you live in a city with any decent Thai food at all, the Thai place in Volcano, despite what you hear, will not thrill you. What it will do is fill you up and taste good doing it. Just don’t get too excited.

What you can get exited about, however, is the Hana Hou Restaurant in Naalehu, the southern most restaurant in the U.S. For us it was on the way home up the west side of the island.

Homey, fresh, tasty food and a cheery aloha atmosphere. We ordered from the daily specials board as they were being written.

The mac nut chicken salad was tasty, the chowder fresh and hearty, the fish and chips crisp and light.

That crazy delicious macadamia nut cream pie up top (nuts in the crust, too) thrilled the lot of us. They pour delicious coffee at Hana Hou and the guy who grows it was there eating his plate lunch at the table next to us, so that, of course, thrilled me.