Spicy okra lusciousness


Just a quick post because this okra-tomato thing turned out so delicious. Browning, not caramelizing but browning, the onions first is key because it brings out some sweetness in the onions but not too much and that makes the okra seem sweet too, in a good way.

I served it with rice and dal. Instead of jasmine or basmati rice that may be more appropriate, I cooked up some sweet rice because it’s Ernest’s favorite and this is the first week of school and he’s so tired at the end of the day I just want to give him treats and make him smile. He loves school, but all that learning (or is it the crazy running around on and social dynamics of the school yard?) wears him out.

For the dal I made the one I always make – this recipe for brown butter dal but I used red lentils instead of chana dal. It cooks up in about 10- 15 minutes.

For the record, yes Ernest ate the okra. After he scraped it clean of any trace of tomato or onion. Then he went to the kitchen, got down a bowl, fetched the ice cream from the freezer, found the ice cream scoop, scooped his ice cream, returned the carton to the freezer and put the scoop in the sink before bringing his treat back to the table all while my dashing husband and I continued our conversation. Then he ate his ice cream and engaged us in a discussion of the ideal size of chocolate chips. I love 6. It’s an awesome age.

Of course this morning he spilled an entire box of cereal on the kitchen floor and proceeded to step on and crush it as he spread it all around the kitchen as he tried to sweep it up. So there’s that too, but I still love 6. I love the effort that sometimes results in me not having to do anything at all even if at other times it means I have to stop with my coffee drinking to simultaneously sweep and comfort. There really isn’t any reason at all to cry over spilled cereal.