Wild raspberries!


It’s been a banner berry year so far here at the cabin. Do you see those berries? Red and plump for their small size and so ripe they are almost falling off the bramble. We have a few raspberries near the cabin that my parents planted. They have some berries on them – enough to plop on top of cereal or for a quick snack. But for a real haul, for a serious amount of berries, for enough berries to serve as dessert to guests, a girl needs to head out to the road, walk or slowly bike or very slowly drive, and keep her eyes open for spots of red.

Those handfuls of wild blueberries Ernest and I found? Child’s play. On Wednesday we picked this in about half an hour:


And by “we” I really mean “I” since Ernest eats everything he picks. I can hardly blame him.


These berries were so ripe and so sweet and so lovely that when I served them with very lightly sweetened whipped cream and then offered everyone sugar to sprinkle on top not a single person took me up on the offer.