Chiles, wild rice, and lefse grills

Like last year, I am fortunate enough to find myself in Northern Minnesota for a few weeks this summer. I love it up here. I love the clear lake water. I love that Ernest has the freedom to go outside all by himself. I love that the local grocery store has four different options if you’re looking for wild rice. I love that since last summer that same store has decided to start carrying fresh jalapeno chiles.

And I love that in a town of less than 600 people the hardware store stocks lefse grills. Yes, that is plural. They have more than one. If I were back in San Francisco and got the yen to grill up some lefse, I would call ahead to Sur la Table to make sure they had one before heading down. I imagine I just might have to special order it. But here? I can just drive into town and pick one up. Not just pick one up, but get one for a neighbor as well if I were so inclined.


What’s lefse, you ask? It’s a potato-based Norwegian flat bread cooked on a griddle. It’s large, round, and delicious. I’ve never made lefse. As you might imagine, I’m thinking pretty seriously about driving into town, buying one of those grills, and getting busy. Anyone out there made lefse? Have a recipe? Tips?