Marmalade bourbon sours

I created this cocktail in honor of the indomitable, super smart, fun-loving Lisa Ann Taggart. The recipe first ran in Sunset, but I prefer the slightly tarter proportions below. Lisa came over last night and I ended up having a few of these and a couple stuffed grape leaves I pulled out of the freezer (note: they freeze beautifully) for dinner.

Marmalade bourbon sours

1/4 cup bourbon

1 Tbsp. orange marmalade

1 Tbsp. lemon juice

lots and lots of ice

Stir bourbon, marmalade, and lemon juice until marmalade dissolves. Pour over ice in a large glass (or two glasses if you’re being reasonable) and garnish with a slice of lemon.

I feel surprisingly chipper today. Perhaps it was all the salty snacks that go so very well (one may say perfectly?) with these sweet yet bitter yet boozy concoctions. Spooning out the bits of bourbon-soaked orange peel at the end is an extra treat – sort of a cocktail dessert, if you will.

The honoree seemed to enjoy them too: