Leek tart (with whole wheat crust)

I was going to make this leek tart Saturday night, but while putting the crust dough together I sort of lost the will to see it through and realized that I didn’t really have time to let the crust chill properly and I wasn’t really sure it would all work out, so I overcooked some rice instead.

I pulled the well-chilled dough out of the fridge last night, rolled it out, sliced and cooked the many leeks that came in the farm box this week, rooted around for some dairy products to enrich my creation, and wondered what kind of cheese it was that I was grating to sprinkle on top. The whole wheat buttermilk crust was dandy. Was it perhaps a bit silly to work that whole grain into a dish so laden with butter, cream, and cheese? Perhaps. But it also added a bit of substance to the dish. Grounded it, if you will.