Bar Bambino

We ate at Bar Bambino last night. Used to be a person could not get a table there during any decent hour for love or money. Now a party of four can eat prime time on a Thursday with no warning. An upside of the economic decline? I guess, but only if the good restaurants manage to stay afloat…. And Bar Bambino is a good restaurant. That food is delicious. But, it must be said, those pastas portions are small. Really small. “Mama, I want more raviolis” small. It seemed like I had barely tucked into my pappardelle with braised rabbit before it was gone. Of course that might have had something to do with giving the lion’s share to poor Ernest who is used to more than five raviolis (yes, 5, they served 5 raviolis for something like $14) for his supper. Note to self: order more food at Bar Bambino than you think you need to.

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