Spicy crab & grits

I did not leave the house before dinner time thinking I would be having spicy crab and grits. I thought I’d be having pizza. Then I thought I’d be having Good Frickin’ Chicken. Then, for just a moment, it looked like a new Peruvian place on Mission was the answer. But, in the end, between what was open and what we wanted (or, rather, all agreed) to try… we ended up at The Front Porch. It claims to be “rocking” and it was! (Not literally, which is a bit of a shame.) I had spicy crab and grits (with plenty of sweet corn and scallions thrown in for good measure) and it was awesome.  I don’t know how those grits were so creamy (um, wait, yes I do; I’m pretty sure it was heavy cream), but the leftovers are going to make the best Monday morning breakfast I’ve had in quite some time.Ernie downed a plate of fried chicken with glee (it was difficult for the lad to let go of the GFC dream for the sake of his parents wanting to try something “new”).My dashing husband ordered the special which involved “platain risotto” and gypsy peppers and I don’t know what else. It sounded dreadful to me when the server described it and I was shocked when that order came out of his mouth. He was the less happy member of our crew.  I offered up my uneaten spicy crab and grits, but it was too late. The place was spoiled for him. Funny how that happens, huh?