“Best dinner ever”


“Thanks for making this delicious dinner, Mama,” Ernie said. “It’s the best dinner ever.” And then he continued to use his chopsticks gamely* while declaring with freakish glee, “I love tofu!”

Hmmm…. What does the child want from me? You see what we had: summer squash and tofu sort of braised in a garlic-ginger-chile-rice vinegar-black bean sauce type thing. With some cilantro. And some “bamboo-infused rice” (yes, Project Eat That Rice continues). It was good, but it really wasn’t the best dinner ever. Not by a long shot. Maybe he’s just in a good mood. Yesterday was his last day of pre-school and we’re headed off on a three week vacation to the family cabin in Minnesota (I’ll be working on this “vacation”–I’m thinking of it as a “writing retreat” to give it a vacation-esque feel while acknowledging that pages must be produced!). He has reason to be happy. So do we all. He’ll be going to a day camp (with swimming and t-ball and big kids, oh my!) from which I expect him to come home utterly exhausted.

*Hold the tops together with a rubber band to make it easier for kids to master the art.