Pakwan with cousins


We took that mother down.

Chana dal, eggplant, saag paneer, 4 lamb kebabs, 2 orders of fish (Ernie eats one all by himself), 5 naan, 2 orders of rice. 4 adults and 1 Ernie. It wouldn’t be nearly as impressive if 1) any of the food you see clinging to the dishes remained by the time we left the table (seriously, we even downed all the raw onions) and 2) the kitchen hadn’t felt it had overcooked the fish and sent us a second double-order on the house.

Before dinner with Cousin Sam and Cousin Katie, Ernie and I went to see a surf movie with Cousin Sam. “Archy” is about a very troubled surfer known as Archy who, according to the movie, is super-duper famous. I had never heard of him, so I found that pretty interesting. Ernie had begged to go with Sam when he heard Sam talking about it. Sam and I both thought perhaps there would be a lot of surfing footage. And there was. But there was much more footage of people repeating themselves and each other on the subject of Matt Archbold and his rise and fall and rise and fall and redemption in the world of professional surfing. Ernie claimed the fun Friday after-school treat was boring. We could not fully disagree. The child was rewarded with flatbread and tandoori fish and seemed to think it a fair trade.