Soupe au Pistou; or, I bravely insist it is so summer!

soupe au pistouOver on Local Foods I’ve called it “Summer Vegetable Pesto Soup,” but you and I know it’s really soupe au pistou, don’t we internets? It’s sort of the ultimate San Francisco summer dish, since it uses summer veggies but is, well, a soup and thus hearty and warming, in its way. I used chick peas instead of fresh shelling beans because I haven’t come across fresh shelling beans yet. I would get a bit put-out, but then I’d look like a brat. The rest of the country waits for corn and here I am demanding my shelling beans.

Oh, and now I’ve gone and reminded myself of my poor Midwestern brethren in Iowa with their sandbags and potentially failed crops. I am a brat. I take it all back. I’m grateful for my skinny zucchini and vine-ripened, non-salmonella-infected tomatoes, not to mention delicious green beans marinated in a red onion-y vinaigrette (recipe at Local Foods).

me 6.16.08Plus, my son took this awesome picture of me tonight. His little hands can’t hold still long enough for an in-focus picture (focus is way too conventional for little mister “Look Mama, I took a picture of the floor!” anyway), but as age is setting in, I find I don’t find the gauzy-filter effect.

‘Fess up: Who else has the brightly striped lime green apron from Ikea?